Weddings at St Michael’s

The building of St Michael’s The Sanctuary is now registered for Marriages.

St Michael’s is noted as a building of ‘Historic Interest’ having been a Malt House in the early 19th century. 100 years later it became the Music Room of Margaret Glyn, a member of the Glyn family who were well known in the village at that time. Built into the pathway leading up to the main door is a 19th century mill stone.

If the sound of this picturesque building appeals to you and you like the picture of the outside, then we’re sure you will also like the inside where the historical features remain!

We can seat up to 60 people for a wedding and as we are a church of Universal Truth, we are also non-denominational. We have our own Celebrant to lead your Ceremony and she is happy to discuss and plan the perfect Ceremony for you so making your Wedding Day a truly memorable one!

St Michael’s is the ideal setting for a small wedding in charming and tranquil surroundings. If you wish to know more or would like to visit then please use our Contact page.

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