About St Michael’s

St Michael’s The Sanctuary is a church of Universal Truth. It is non-denominational, and therefore it is not limited to the beliefs of any particular religion or doctrine, but acknowledges that the Divine (God, Source, Creator – whatever name you wish to use) can be seen and understood in many different ways, each of which is a part of the Universal whole.

As you walk up the pathway to the front door of St Michael’s The Sanctuary, it is possible to see and sense that you are approaching somewhere out of the ordinary, for this is not a traditional church. On crossing the threshold of this 200 year old building, you are met with a feeling of warmth and welcome, for you are entering a place where respect and acceptance for the individual is of great importance to us all.

St Michael’s The Sanctuary offers a Sunday service which is open to all. It is registered for Marriages and also offers Naming Ceremonies (yes, we have a font), and Memorials and Remembrances.

We offer many opportunities for spiritual growth with like-minded people through the activities that take place throughout the month.

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