Terms & Conditions of Use

The Booking & Terms & Conditions are currently being rewritten and will be uploaded soon. 

St Michael’s is a special, sacred place and as such we need to maintain its atmosphere to an appropriately high standard. We therefore ask that your activities within St Michael’s are appropriate to this sacred space.

The Trustees exercise the right to participate in any of the events held at St Michael’s.


Form-A-Booking-And-Terms-2020-01-25 (DOCX, 31KB). Please download and print and follow the instructions below.

Once you have booked, a copy of the full terms & conditions is available on the website to read and download and print. You may be given a paper copy by the Booking Secretary. Please keep a copy of the full terms & conditions for future reference.

If you agree to them, please print page 6 & page 7 and enter your information and sign both pages. Please send both pages to St Michael’s at the address on the form where one of the Trustees will sign and return page 6 to you for your records.

Safety First

Please read the Fire Safety instructions (on the wall) to your participants before starting your session. The main Fire Exit is the front door. The assembly point is the front gate. Please make sure you know who is actually in the building.

There is a First Aid Box in the downstairs cloakroom.

Trustee telephone numbers are listed in the entrance hall. On the day of your activity, please note where these are in case of an emergency.

If you have any urgent questions in the days before the date of your activity, please telephone the Booking Secretary on the number shown on the first page.

Any damage needs to be reported to one of the Trustees immediately.

Building Security

When you are running your activity, please lock the front door with the key marked green ONLY and place the key ring on the hook provided next to the door. KEYS SHOULD NOT BE LEFT IN THE LOCK, BUT HUNG ON THE HOOK NEXT TO THE LOCK AS IT IS ESSENTIAL THAT THE TRUSTEES HAVE FULL ACCESS TO THE BUILDING AT ALL TIMES.

The Sanctuary Main Hall

  • Please remove shoes whenever possible before entering the Sanctuary Main Hall.
  • Coats and large bags should be left in the cloakroom.
  • Please ensure all mobile phones are switched off or on silent mode while in the building.
  • No food or drink is allowed in the Sanctuary Main Hall except for water.
  • The sale of items, such as books, crystals etc, must take place only in the reception area.
  • Only tea lights in glass containers may be used but never on the floor.
  • Tea lights can ONLY be used in the Sanctuary Main Hall.
  • Do not leave tea lights burning unless attended.
  • Full responsibility lies with the facilitator.
  • All chairs taken from the Upstairs Meeting room must be returned upstairs.
  • If any furniture is moved, please ensure it is returned to where it was originally found.
  • Chairs need to be stacked 3 high and only against blank walls; not in front of radiators.


There is an iron and brown paper available in the cloak room for the removal of wax.

The Kitchen

  • If used, the hot water urn should be turned off, unplugged and left to cool.
  • If used, please ensure that the kitchen it is left clean and tidy and the fridge clear of food.
  • All crockery and glasses need to be washed and dried and returned to the cupboards.
  • We do not supply any refreshments except for tap water.
  • All other refreshments need to be provided by the facilitator.
  • Please empty the bins, recycling as appropriate for Epsom & Ewell. Instructions are on the kitchen door.
  • Please ensure all lights are out.
  • Please ensure all kettles and the hot water heater is turned off.


Please ensure that ONLY toilet tissue is placed in the toilets. All other used tissues and hand towels must be placed in the bin provided.

  • Please ensure that the water heater is turned off. Each toilet has its own water heater.


Parking in Church Street is for residents only during certain times; see on street signs for details. Parking tickets by Epsom & Ewell Council are being issued. There are several car parks within walking distance in Ewell Village.

No parking is allowed on the front path or in front of the main gates. This is to be left clear for Emergency Services access. Also, please remind your participants NOT to park in front of the garages adjacent to St Michael’s.

There is only ONE parking space available inside the grounds and just behind the garage.

On Leaving St Michael’s

  • At the end of your day, we ask that the facilitators close down the energies in The Sanctuary and return them to normal.
  • Please ensure the building is left clean and tidy and that bins are emptied, and rubbish recycled appropriately.
  • There are cleaning tools in the cupboard under the stairs. There are washing up tools in the kitchen.
  • All lighting and hot water switches must be turned off and the windows and front door securely closed and locked.
  • If opened, the Velux windows must be closed. Controls are available near each window.
  • Please use BOTH keys in the front door.

Consideration of Others

Please be mindful that the premises around St Michael’s are residential and therefore we ask that noise be kept to a minimum as you and your participants enter or leave the building and grounds. Please remind your participants to enter and leave the building quietly, particularly after 7 pm.


Advertising is your responsibility and not that of St Michael’s

However, if you supply printed copies, we will be happy to place one A4 poster and several A5 flyers in the entrance hall to advertise your event. We are also happy for you to include details on our website; please let us know at least six weeks ahead of your event.

St Michael’s provides a monthly activity sheet, the content of which will be shown on our website. So, any contact information you supply to us for your activity will be visible on the internet. Please ensure that the most appropriate contact information is provided.

Privacy Policy

The personal information entered on the Booking and Terms & Conditions Disclaimer form will be treated in strict confidence and will be kept in a secure place in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulations 2018.

Personal information may be shared with the Trustees of St Michael’s and, under certain circumstances, may be shared with our insurance underwriters.

Any financial information given in transactions will be kept private and in a secure place and will be only shared with the appropriate authorities at their request.

We require your name, address, telephone number and email in order to maintain contact with you. We only hold information for as long as legally required.

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