The Power of Surrender

Usually in life, when faced with a problem or a goal to achieve, or an issue we want to transform, we tend to think of strategies and actions to move us forward closer to what we want. Been there?

However, as we are spiritual beings having a material experience and not the contrary, there is a much more powerful way to be in life, solve your problems and align to your desires. This is the act of surrendering.

Funnily, we usually do tend to surrender after all we have tried either failed or is too demanding or too limited. We tend to do a not so gracious form of surrendering in the likes of whatever, I give up, I let go. Been there??

This feels a bit like a kind of resignation but really, it is also us, finally, letting go of control. When done intentionally, surrendering is actually a powerful act of trust. When done with practise, you can balance your actions, your plans, your strategies with a surrendering to your higher self and the higher forces of life. This is when usually miracles happen. Been there? I have!

The key, is to not let those miraculous moments be rare ones but for them to become daily manifestations of the alignment of your own will and energy with the gracious natural flow of the divine which is always seeking to be in tune with you! This requires practise for sure… But as you gain proof that surrendering is a magical key to your life, you will be more willing to trust, surrender, give up control, and relinquish the need to know every details of your unfolding future…

On Saturday 26th Sept, we shall explore deeper what is surrendering for you and how you can anchor it in your daily life. For more info, contact Suzanne: or