The Light Within

As the days continue to grow shorter and the darkness takes hold of our little piece of planet Earth, it is important to connect to the wisdom of balance and the power of equilibrium. Just as light follows dark and day follows night, as the days grow shorter here, they grow longer in the Southern Hemisphere; balance is everywhere. Realising that balance shapes and defines the world, we begin to gain a stronger sense of our own inner balance as endings become beginnings, beginnings become endings and the cycle of life continues to turn in its own spectacular way.

In the descent into winter, we are blessed with nature’s breathtaking transformation as the landscape prepares for the cold months ahead. As the leaves change to red and gold, the energy of the world shifts from one of high energy to one of preservation and restoration. This is a time to feel the energy shifts within as our vibration shifts and we make the most of this time of retreat and hibernation.

Pausing for a while to take a deep breath of life allows us to realign and re-centre our energetic balance and equilibrium. We are constantly evolving and shifting; permanence is not a common denominator in our lives even if we like to think to the contrary; everything changes and nothing remains the same. It is so easy to lose the connection with this process though as the treadmill of life can take centre stage as we focus on the business of keeping on keeping on. Yet, just as the continents shift, rivers carve out valleys and seasons change, our consciousness is constantly changing and evolving so it is important that we allow the space for this to happen: we need to let our souls and our consciousness breathe.

Giving our souls a good airing is important, but it does not have to mean radical changes to our daily lives. Although we need be more conscious and aware of the shifts and the changes within, this can be as simple as breathing more deeply into them or lifting up our heads once in a while to acknowledge the incredible magnitude of our spiritual and energetic evolution. Although there are simple ways to acknowledge change, as the days grow shorter it is easy to switch into hibernation mode and close the doors to the world for a while. Although this is natural during the dark winter months, we are not isolated beings nor are we energetically designed to be behind closed doors; we are vibrant and radiant beings that weave together to create a magnificent and awe-inspiring Whole.

The concept of balance can help us to remain centred throughout this continued time of change as we travel deeply within to reconnect to the wisdom that resides there. As the autumn colours fade into the cold, crisp chill of winter, it is the light within that becomes brighter and more visible. Just like a lighthouse reaching out into the dark night skies, the light within can illuminate the world, showing us the way home. Home in this instance is a reconnection to a way of being that brings warmth to the light, and peace to the dark, allowing our inner smiles to radiate and glow.

Sometimes when we go within to try to find ‘the answers’ to life’s questions, we can become lost seeking out logical solutions and rational insights; we want clarity, but the very nature of our quest invokes confusion and discombobulation as we shear away from the light of knowledge towards a kind of no-man’s land of uncertainty, frayed edges and shades of grey. It is only when we take a breath and allow our consciousness to return home that we can let go of the angst and find balance in the certainty of uncertainty and in the light of the dark.

Although the lighthouse within is powerful and radiant, it is important to realise that we can never always know the answers to life’s questions; sometimes the lesson comes through realising that there is no answer. It takes someone of great inner strength to accept the ‘no answer’ approach to life as it can invoke feelings of giving up, but when we reach that point of true surrender, we realise that there is no such thing as giving up, just giving in to the Divine light within.

Such words may feel like riddles and endless cycles of analogies, but when we feel the power of these words, it becomes clear that the more we let go, the more we find in terms of balance, wisdom and joy. As the Light within returns to its true glory and radiance, we can lift up our heads and know that there truly is ‘no place like home…’

Sarah-Jane Grace