The Bigger Picture

As I awoke on the edge of this morning, I watched the giant waning Moon slowly fade from view as the dawn light slowly filtered across the fields. The night’s silence was ended with beautiful bird song echoing from every bough as the flowers started to lift their heads towards the coming of the sun. As the morning dew glistened in the light, I felt a strong sense of ‘connection’ to the Universal Whole. I felt the life in everything: every tree, every leaf, every insect; it was as though the world and I had reconnected at a new vibration where everything (including me) was much more itself once again.

Such moments of magic and amazement are like gems that shine out from the daily chatter of life reminding us of the ‘bigger picture’. It is these moments that inspire us to explore the infinite possibilities both around and within us. We all have dreams and goals, and it is important to realise that we do have the resources and the abilities to embrace these and make powerful and lasting changes to our lives. The key to such change comes through the art of permission; when we give ourselves permission to open up our hearts, minds and souls to our dreams, we step beyond doubt and fear and connect to a vibration of creation that is both inspirational and empowering in shape and form.

Over recent weeks and months, we have been in a kind of ‘in-between’ time; not quite where we once were, but not quite where we want to be either. This has proved deeply unsettling and unnerving for many, but it has been a necessary step on the path of awakening for it is a sign that, like the early morning slowly adjusting to the light, we are also adjusting to a new state of awareness. This awareness is a state of being that feels incredible and exciting, but intangible, for this is the state of being awakened. In such a state of being, everything changes for we no longer see life in linear terms but from a more expanded and vast consciousness; one where things are no longer black or white, or shades of grey, but a vast and spectacular panorama of colour and possibilities.

Awakening has been our path for so long that we often forget that we have now awoken; this changes everything for we are no longer chasing a state of being, we are living it instead. Such a shift takes time to adjust to, hence the ‘in-between’ time. This slightly fragmented time is therefore not a time to resist and push away but a time to rest gently into the stillness and the quiet in order to fully re-centre and re-align. The more we go with the flow of this, the easier it becomes to connect to more and more moments of magic and amazement as they not only become more visible to us but they become us as well…

‘There is a light that shines beyond all things on earth,
beyond us all, beyond the heavens, beyond the highest, the very highest heavens.
This is the light that shines in our heart’. Chandogya Upanishad

by Sarah-Jane Grace, April 2013