Message from Zadkiel

Many times you have heard or read that you are all connected; that you and all that you see, all that is, are one. This is a concept you are willing to accept, do your best to believe, and yet daily there arise in your world evident challenges to this beautiful perspective.

It may help to remember that you, and the whole of your universe, are made up of stardust. Stardust is the manifestation of Divine love and light. Stardust will sometimes gather together in great masses, with a clear intent to demonstrate the power of the light and to radiate the love. And so stars are born.

Stardust will sometimes gather with an intent to hold the love and light within itself and form a relationship with a star, so that the concept of apparent separation can be explored. So planets come into being. All that you are, all that you see around you – natural or manufactured – comes from stardust. Right now you are your most recent choice of manifestation of the Divine love and light. And so is all and everyone else. As you give yourself permission to recognise this your feeling of peace and connection can grow.

All that is is love, and love is all that is. Go well, with many blessings.

via Carrie Harris