Imaginings for The New Earth

I wonder how you imagine the New Earth to be?

For instance, will there be powerful, rolling oceans and deep blue seas teeming with fish and all manner of sea life large and small?

Will there be soft white sandy beaches stretching as far as the eye can see, with dainty little sandpipers hopping and pecking at the shore’s edge in search of tasty morsels to feed on?

Will there be tiny trickles of water bubbling up from deep within the Earth’s crust flowing out onto the hill sides, forming little streams and rivers and waterfalls as they gain momentum racing down the grassy slopes, flowing onward to the wide plains before reaching the sea?

Will there be forests and woodlands, abundantly green, tall and graceful swaying in the breeze, and way below and underneath will there be mossy, lush undergrowth forming soft, verdant carpets for all creatures to walk upon?

And within the leafy woodlands will there be shady glades where wild flowers will bloom and flourish as they reach upwards through the gaps to gaze longingly at a cobalt blue sky?

Will there be tall mountain tops and volcanic peaks rising majestically above sweeping slopes and valleys?

And deep, clear lakes which glisten and sparkle in the pure golden sunlight that shines down on their glassy surface?

Will there be awesome sunsets streaking across an ever darkening sky, followed by an indigo blue night sky dotted with numerous tiny stars and galaxies only to be superseded by the gentle golden, pinkish hues of the rising sun, dawning into a new day?

Will there be amazing flowers of numerous brilliant colours; little creatures and friendly animals of all genre; amazing birds, their multi-coloured plumage silky and bright?

Will all of nature be cherished and treated worthily?

Will the air we breathe and the water we drink be pure, clean and fresh for everyone?

Will peace, freedom and justice triumph?

Will all people be accepting and free of judgement and treat each other equally?

Will there be a joyous sense of community amongst all?

Will we be healthy and happy in mind body and soul and spirit?

Will there be kindly elemental energies and Angels walking alongside us?

Will compassion prevail amongst all beings and love reign as the key power and strength of all?

And finally, will life embrace great joy, happiness and laughter in this Paradise of a new Earth?

‘Oh yes, and so much more, way beyond our wildest imaginings and dreams, but first, it is essential that we help the Earth in her great Transformation.’

And how can we do that?

To help bring about The New Earth we need to focus our attention on the wonderful gifts we have at present here in this life and express our Love and Gratitude for them!

For instance, the gift of water, particularly the rivers and oceans; the gift of fire in the form of the sun, which gives us light and warmth and the other gifts from the elements of air and spirit; but most importantly, the gift of Life and the gift of all that is living on this planet with us at this moment.

For without all of these gifts, there would be no form of Life what-so-ever on Earth!

So by honouring the elements and all forms of Life on this Earth now; by developing and promoting a greater consciousness of Gratitude for all; that is the way we can all help to create a New Kind of Earth!

With Love and Gratitude to you in your imaginings.