Ignite Your Spirit Power

To be on a spiritual journey does not necessarily imply that we feel nor understand what our soul energy is and what our spirit energy is.

However, they are different aspects, frequencies of who we are spiritually and to get a deeper knowledge and firsthand experience of them, will ultimately bring a more fulfilled appreciation of not just who you are but also the many ups and downs that you go through in your life.

There must be a reason that we say that sometimes when we are super low we are going through a dark night of the soul but have you ever wondered why we never speak about a dark night of the spirit? There must be a profound reason for this.

I feel that it is up to each one of us to find for ourselves what our soul is and what our spirit is. This cannot be text book knowledge. It is something you alone must discover for yourself.

I am offering a one day workshop on Saturday 28th May 2016 where the aim is exactly that: for you to explore and find for yourself your own truth about your soul energy and your spirit energy.

To touch on your soul power and ignite your spirit power ultimately is about clarifying your spiritual path. Concretely, in your daily life, it means being able to face your challenges, your downs whether they are physical, emotional, financial, professional (it does not matter) with a grounded understanding of what is going on in your life at a powerful spiritual level.

This level of awareness offers you to stop being a victim of circumstances, being able to relax into surrendering, be open to be at peace with any outcome, letting go of control and allowing flowing to move you…

From that state of being and understanding, magic can unfold; new opportunities appear out of the blue, your potentiality start to unfold naturally…

This is no small feat!

For more info, contact Suzanne: michal.suzanne@gmail.com or www.daretoexpand.com.