Death: The Gift of Transformation

Death is surely the ultimate spiritual theme and our common destination. But in the Western world, this natural phase of life is treated like a taboo. This has dramatic consequences to our capacity to deal with the passing of a loved one (even a pet) and more importantly in preparing ourselves to face this shared destination with peace and sacredness through honouring life in its entirety.

This is a theme that is still barely explored in the spiritual community when, I strongly feel, it should be a cornerstone to our spiritual awareness as all physical and spiritual journeys will meet the moment we call death. How prepared will you be?

For twenty four years I have had my life destroyed and shaped by the loss of many loved ones including my husband, my sister and my soul bother. I have dealt with the effects of traumatic losses through suicide, murder, sudden terminal illness and earthquake victim. During all those events, I have experienced not just intense crushing suffering but awe transformative mystical encounters with other dimensions of spiritual existence.

It took me all those years and experiences to finally have the courage to dare work around this topic and phase of existence and break the taboo!

I have created and run a workshop around the theme that death is a gift for transformation. My aim is to create a sacred space for you to explore what death means for you. I have seen time and again how participants have blossomed throughout the day as they dropped their fears, were able to freely share their experiences around death, and were integrating new spiritual perspectives.

The ultimate by -product of looking into death is a renewed vision for your life!

My work is based on understanding death from my many experiences that have allowed me a paradigm transformation onto new understandings of who we are as Beings of Energy and Light and my openness to explore consciousness.

I truly believe that the time has come in the evolution of mankind to fully embrace our true nature and this includes understanding not just life but the life and death dance. Death is ultimately a gift of transformation for those who are willing to open up to new understanding of their true nature as Beings of Energy and Light.

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