Communication & Your Throat

Clear your throat chakra alongside your communication!

Your throat chakra and neck area hold two important energy centres or chakras. One is located inside your throat, towards the base of your neck, the place which goes real tight when you are deeply sad. The other energy centre is situated at the back of your head, just above the top of your neck, on the other side of your mouth. This is the site of your pineal gland. Although it is technically located above your neck, I like to link it to your throat and communication system as it is very closely touched and influenced by your spinal fluid and wisdom. I will talk in more details about this below.

Your neck although being only a tiny part of your body is actually a crucial area of your physical, emotional and spiritual self. To start with your neck and throat hold your head. This sounds like quite a trivial thing to announce but looking at this fact from an self- empowering and spiritual evolutionary perspective, it is quite a responsibility for your neck to be able to do so perfectly!

In your head, you have three energy centres: your pineal gland, your pituitary gland (commonly named third eye), the crown above your head. There is no coincidence that such a little space in your body holds so many chakras and doors to deeper levels of consciousness and being. The job of your neck and throat is to hold your head straight and aligned so that you can look at life straight, hold yourself high and proud in yourself and be aligned to the divine forces through your crown. No wonder, so many of us suffer from stiff necks and shoulders.

On top of it, your throat area is the core area for your communication. Communication is not just the mere passing of facts and knowledge but the biggest part is the conveying and sharing of emotions!! Not an easy one that one: expressing our emotional self and truth!! Well, let us be honest, most of us, experience some severe blockages on this front!! No wonder, so many of us suffer from sore throats, stiff necks and shoulders!! All linked!!

Your neck, throat area and throat chakra and vocal cords are constantly being bombarded with emotions which very often are challenging to express: anger to your teenage daughter, resentment to your boss, love to your partner, anxiety to your parents, concern to a friend, laughter with a friend to name only a few which pass through you thousands of times per day and every day!!

This is where the pineal gland is interesting. Along your neck, at the back, your spinal cord and spinal fluid flow up and down your spine. This fluid and how well is flows will also influence your throat and communication capabilities. The better your fluid flows (through regular yoga for example) the less blocked your neck and throat will be. The pineal gland just above your mouth (where your voice will be released to express your communication) is a gland literally designed to produce light, for you to be enlightened in all the sense of the term and hence tap into deeper wisdom.

Well, who would like more wisdom in their communication? I trust we all do!