Blossom into your Higher Self

The start of a new year is always a lovely grounding point for us to focus on setting intentions around our desires, need and wants for the coming year. Whether we do this by writing, a simple awareness or a letting go … we all have our unique way in doing so…

I would like to offer a day on Saturday 28th January 2017 for you to do just that whilst adding the little twist of focusing, linking and connecting deeper your year to your Higher Self.

The starting point is to ask yourself what is your Higher Self. Maybe you have a clear vision and understanding of what this part of yourself is. Maybe it is vague. Maybe non-existent.

So between now and the 1st of January, maybe you can ponder and feel your way, gently, into what is your Higher Self and how would you like to live your life from this layer of yourself rather than maybe your ego self, your emotional self, your normal reactionary self, your little self.

What do you have to gain in leading and living your life from the standpoint of your Higher Self?

Most importantly I hear you ask the question: how do I do this?

Well, there are many simple techniques which can be easily integrated into our daily lives.

One is to simply breathe slowly from your lower belly, your sacral chakra area. This will slow down your thinking mind (the little self), move you away from your emotions and concretely anchor you into a deeper dimension of who you are. This is especially efficient when done when you are under pressure, feeling out of alignment with yourself, pulled and pushed from your external environment or even your inner moods…

Your sacral chakra holds the seat of your inner wisdom, inner silence, inner sacredness, inner higher self. It is a starting point anyway.

So my invitation to you is from now on until 1st of January or the 28th if you are coming to the workshop is do that grounded and grounding breathing several times every day and see that unfolds for you!!

Suzanne Michal