Activities in Motion

Over the next few months, we will be adding videos of the activities to bring a different energy into the website and illustrates many of the events that you can choose to attend. Hopefully these will inspire you to come along to experience more of what is on offer. Movement is change, motion is transformation and is necessary for our evolution. This first video is of the Storytelling Group.

Janet is a wonderful storyteller. She narrates the fable of an angry boy who bashes nails into a fence and then, on the advice of his father, removes them one by one. The metaphor reflects the damage we do to another person by being nasty and directing anger at them instead of using it constructively and accepting that this is our anger and not the fault of anyone else. Even though we may apologise, we still leave a hole in them, a mark that needs to heal. We need to think before we speak. Janet Dowling has been a storyteller for many moons and does it well, almost acting, almost miming, to convey the story’s essence.

Storytelling is an art in itself and requires confidence in voice but also in body movement – you cannot be shy. The storyteller almost mimes and this adds greatly to enhance the passing of the story metaphor. Storytelling is an ancient art in existence before the written word. The storyteller would travel from village to village bringing news but also education through symbolism and allegory.