Waxing Lyrical

The Surrey Storytellers Guild is an organisation that promotes the art of oral storytelling for Adults, Young people and children throughout the county of Surrey.

Once a month we have the Waxing Lyrical Storytelling Practise and Coaching Group, where we run storytelling exercises for part of the evening, and then people get a chance to tell part of a story and get some coaching on it. This gives you a chance to try out your story in front of a live but small audience, and get some feedback to improve it before you try it at open mic.

You will benefit even if you are not sure that you are ready to tell. We don’t force anybody, and many people find themselves telling because they are carried along on a wave of enthusiastic support.

email: info@surreystorytellers.co.uk
website: www.surreystorytellers.co.uk