A Relationship with Yourself

Imagine yourself having the most fulfilling relationship with yourself!

A full relationship with yourself starts with awareness. An awareness that you are both matter and energy. A realisation that you are both connected to Mother Earth and to the Light Divine. An understanding that you are both finite and infinite, simultaneously a micro and macro being, evolving and expanding in both directions.

In-body consciousness starts with you being able to be present, centred, grounded in the now, to all those powerful multi-dimensional aspects of yourself. A full relationship with yourself requires you to be able to stay anchored in your sacral chakra (your lower belly), allowing your breath to rise and fall from this deep place within your being. From this grounded inner rooting, you are less vulnerable to emotional ups and downs that daily life triggers. You are more likely to feel your intuition and wisdom. Your sacral chakra and lower belly hold the potential to become for you, your inner sanctuary, your inner connection to your silent inner self, a place from which you can become able to honour and state: I AM to yourself and others.

From this kind of presence emerges a re-awakening to your true nature: you are spirit and soul who have a physical body and not the contrary. You are a spiritual being having a physical experience and not the contrary.

This kind of deeper relationship with yourself has powerful positive repercussions on:

  • Your health!
  • Your well being!
  • Your relationship with others!
  • Your spiritual unfolding!

By connecting with your true essence, naturally inner peace starts to blossom regardless of what is going on in your life and environment. You are more likely to move into your core centre: your heart chakra. It is difficult sometimes to move into our hearts when we are in our minds and caught up in our thinking. It is easier to access the power of your heart when you are already grounded and connected to your sacral chakra. We are designed to become still when we breathe intentionally from our lower belly. From stillness, coherence can emerge, coherence in your brain, coherence in your heart beat, coherence in your electromagnetic field, coherence all the way to your cells and your DNA. This is when you naturally become your own healer. This kind of profound relationship to yourself leads to you simply turning into a healing and loving force for both yourself and others.

Your cells and DNA actually respond to how you feel and what you are thinking! The best place to be for optimum communication to your micro self is to be still, in peace, stable in your sacral and heart centres. This is how powerful you are!

How do you move from being trapped inside your head filled with intense thinking to stillness and coherence?

Sit with both of your feet flat on the ground. Become aware of your breathing, your body, sensations and simply observe your thoughts. Gently place your hands on your lower belly and start to intentionally breathe from this deep place. Allow your breath to move your hands as you inspire and expire. Just stay there as long as you want/can. Repeat as often as possible. This is so simple, almost benign and yet so profoundly transformative. As from this level of presence your divine higher self naturally manifest…

This and much more, is what you will learn and practise on Sunday 12th October (10.30 am to 4.30pm) and Saturday 6th December. Suzanne’s In body Consciousness monthly workshops focus on you developing the most wonderful relationship with yourself as a being of both matter and energy.

You will learn and practise to:

  • Communicate with your cells, DNA and sub-atomic self
  • Tune into your chakras (energy centres) for energy enhancement
  • Ground yourself in your own power
  • Build a trusting rapport to your intuitive self
  • Open up to your divine, higher nature

Those promise to be rich transformative workshops to deepen your awareness of your true nature.

Book directly with the Sanctuary or michal.suzanne@gmail.com or ring Suzanne 0208 878 8591.